Newborn Session’s

Newborn sessions are done when baby is between 5-21days old and capture all those features that make your newborn special. In the hustle and bustle of having a new baby join the family it’s tricky to find time to take photographs, especially if there’s older siblings to take care of, and often moms miss out on being present in the photographs. Don’t look back and wish you had professional photographs with your baby it’s such a special time that can only be truly remembered through photographs.

I offer both posed and lifestyle newborn sessions. Posed newborn sessions take place at my studio space where I have props and outfits available for parents to choose from. A posed newborn session can last up to 3 hours, time is dependent on baby as we make time to feed, change and soothe little one. Once you’ve booked your session I will send a comprehensive guide which should answer any questions you might have. My lifestyle newborn sessions are called Fresh 48 Session’s and take place in a hospital in Dubai after baby is born.

Fresh 48 Session

A fresh 48 session takes place in the hospital 24-48hours after baby is born. It captures those special first intimate moments as a family when you’re too sleep deprived to truly appreciate the small details and those all important first sibling interactions. Fresh 48 sessions are unposed lifestyle sessions, I’m there to capture a small portion of your time together as a family and your new babies small details.