As a photographer I have a very set style, I always want my images to capture an emotion or a moment and try to focus on one key element in that moment. Location and lighting are extremely important to me at in-home or outdoor sessions. I depend heavily on beautiful lighting which means my recommended session times are Sunrise and Sunset if a location is outdoors and does not have shade available.

When looking for a photographer it’s important to choose someone that captures the style of images that you like. Each photographer has a very different style of photography, posing, leading interactions and post production.

So what should you expect when you have a family session with me?

My goal for family sessions is to capture genuine moments, expressions and interactions. This means that parents with kids should expect to ‘play’ at my sessions. It’s important to me that we keep the session light-hearted and fun especially when children are involved. I will often assist with some posing and then ‘prompt’ a moment and stand back and capture what follows which is usually a series of natural interactions. I encourage parents or adults to focus on the moment with their family as much as possible. Forget about me, forget about worrying about whose looking at the camera and lets capture some of that family bond.