Y’s Smash Session

Baby Y was one of THE cutest, happiest babies at her smash. She just loved absolutely everything about it. I set up in one of the beautiful Springs parks close to baby Y’s home and from the minute this family arrived it was just pure laughter and happiness till the end of our session. First we captured some family photographs before the mess began and before long Baby Y was having such a wonderful time we had to give grandparents a call to come join the fun! 

I suggested we captured some photographs with the grandparents little did I know what mischief would ensue. Father and Grandfather both have a great sense of humour and a definite naughty streak. Just as I was about to start snapping granddad grabbed a handful of cake and smooshed it in grandma’s face… What a laugh we all had! And what a classy lady not even one flinch and she had granddad’s face covered in cake too!!!  

This session was so much fun to photograph and I can’t wait to see this family again soon Xx

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